Don't miss this Black Friday deal on one of the best pressure-relieving mattresses

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Black Friday's here, and if you're in the UK that means a rarely-seen opportunity to grab a discount on one of the best pressure-relieving mattresses around. Tempur UK has been taking its sweet time about launching its Black Friday mattress deals but they're finally here, and if you're after the Tempur Original, a premium foam mattress that delivers an exceptional sink-in feel, now's the time to buy with a discount as well as free pillows and a mattress protector included.

The Tempur Original is the best mattress option for anyone in need of pressure relief. It's made using Tempur Material, developed by NASA to cushion astronauts during lift-off. It's essentially the original memory foam and it's been refined since then to provide all-night body cradling and pressure relief, whatever position you sleep in.

In effect this is the ultimate memory foam, and if you enjoy that distinctive body-hug you get from memory foam and want to take it to the absolute maximum, this is the mattress to go for. It comes in three depths: the Tempur Original Supreme (21cm deep), the Tempur Original Elite (25cm deep), and the Tempur Original Luxe (30cm deep), and there are 10 size options to choose from. Here's what you need to know:

Tempur Original mattress: £1,499 £1,309 + pillow and mattress protector at Tempur

Tempur Original mattress: was £1,499 now from £1,309 + pillow and mattress protector at Tempur
Tempur mattresses are seldom on sale, but for Black Friday there are discounts across the Tempur range, including this saving on our top pick, the Tempur Original, including free pillows and a mattress protector when you buy. While we've seen this deal from Tempur before, it's one that doesn't get rolled out very often and it's well worth grabbing when it shows up. 

This deal brings the price of double size Tempur Original Supreme down to £1,749 from £1,999, which is much better price for one of the best foam mattresses around. There's also a 100 night trial and 10-year guarantee, plus free delivery and returns.

buy it if...

✅ You love the feel of memory foam: Tempur Material is a foam that you really sink into, so the Tempur Original is definitely the mattress for anyone who wants a mattress that'll mould around all their contours for oodles of cradling comfort.

✅ You share a bed: Another advantage of Tempur Material is that motion isolation in this bed is absolutely first class. If you share a bed with a fidgety partner you can kiss goodbye to sleepless nights being disturbed by their wriggling. 

don't buy it if...

 You sleep hot: Because this is an all-foam mattress with a sink-in feel, there's much more likelihood of it trapping heat. Look instead at a hybrid such as the Emma NextGen Premium, which regulates temperature well and has 50% off in the Emma Black Friday sale. Learn more in our Emma NextGen Premium mattress review.

❌ You don't like to sink into your bed: If you don't really enjoy the feel of memory foam, you're not going to get on with the Tempur Original. For a bit more bounce but plenty of support, there's 45% off the Simba Hybrid Pro for Black Friday. Our Simba Hybrid Pro mattress review has all the facts.

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