Apple Watch users can grab rewards by taking part in Global Running Day – Here's how

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 after recording the Physical: 100 running test
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While Apple's WWDC event is on June 10, it's not the only event the company will recognize next month. The company is known for adding Apple Fitness challenge events to its calendar, and if you own one of the best Apple Watches, this time around you'll be able to take part in Global Running Day on June 5.

The "Apple Watch Activity Challenge: Running Day" will let users earn a new award in the Apple Fitness app, as well as some exclusive stickers for Messages and FaceTime for their efforts.

If you miss your chance, it's gone for good, since you can only complete it on June 5 – so it's worth adding to your calendar. Thankfully, the demands to complete the challenge aren't too strict: you just need to run outdoors, or on a treadmill, for five kilometers (that's 3.1 miles) and track it with Apple's Workout app.

Apple describes the event as follows: "Hit the road, trail, track, or tread for Global Running Day! Record a running workout and go at least 5 km on June 5 to earn this special badge."

What is Global Running Day?

An initiative to help get people active, or help those already running find like-minded fitness enthusiasts, Global Running Day is all about promoting the mental and physical benefits of running.

Apps like Strava will also be getting in on the act with specific challenges. If you've never tried running before, or you're a lapsed runner, we've got plenty of resources to get you going: ahead of the big day: check out our roundups of the best Couch to 5K training apps to build your endurance, the best fitness trackers to monitor your progress, and the best running shoes to keep you comfortable and injury-free.

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