Garmin's best adventure watches finally get Messaging feature, plus more fixes

Garmin Fenix 7 Pro
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There's nothing quite like getting something for nothing, and Garmin's latest big update to its range of adventure watches gives its premium adventure watches new features such as Messenger, plus some incremental fixes.

The update to Garmin's watch software has already begun rolling out, two months after the last update, and brings changes to the Fenix 7 series of watches, as well as the Enduro 2, Epix 2, Marq 2, and Quatix 7 models.

Chief among them is the long-awaited Garmin Messenger App, which allows for the sending of messages using Garmin's satellite connection for standard communication or emergency messages.

The update, System Software 17.20, also allows users to use the Find My Phone feature while in a GPS activity, such as Outdoor Run, and switching heart rate tracking sources between the watch or chest strap to ensure accurate data.

It also finally adds Indoor Walk as a trackable activity (useful for those with the best under-desk treadmills), and fixes a host of bugs.

What is Garmin Messenger?

So what is Garmin Messenger? Available on iOS and Android, at first glance it's a pretty standard messaging app. It supports group messages and threads, and works through your phone's contacts.

It gets more powerful when users step off the beaten path, though, thanks to a 24/7 connection to satellites with the inReach service. inReach needs to be paired with your best Garmin watch, but when it is paired, your messages will automatically redirect through your inReach connection when cell service is unavailable, like when you're off the grid with your Garmin device.

Not only can you send and receive messages with inReach, but you can also share your location, get a weather forecast, and more.

For more, you can check out Garmin's support page here.

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