This early Amazon Prime Day offer cuts nearly £500 off the Huawei Matebook X

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It looks like Amazon isn't waiting for its own Amazon Prime Day to start offering some amazing deals, as it's knocked a huge £473 off the Huawei Matebook X 13-inch.

This thin and light flagship laptop used to be £1,199, but this deal cuts it to £726 – which is a saving of 39%.

The Matebook X has previously featured in our list of the best laptops, so the fact that this excellent laptop has had such a big discount makes this a deal you may really want to grab.

However, you may be a bit wary about getting a Huawei device after news of the US government blacklisting the Chinese company, which led many people to wonder if it would mean that its laptops would no longer get essential security updates.

However, Microsoft and Intel have both confirmed that they will continue to support Huawei laptops in the future, so we're comfortable recommending this offer.

We had wondered if the uncertainty around support for Huawei's laptops would lead to some killer deals – and it looks like that's happened.

Huawei Matebook X 13-inch

Huawei Matebook X 13-inch £1,199.99 £726.43 at Amazon
This incredible deal from Amazon knocks a huge £473.56 off the asking price of the Matebook X 13. It comes with 8GB of RAM, 256GB storage and an Intel Core i5 processor.

We're not sure how long this deal will last, but it's likely to beat many of the deals you'll see when Amazon Prime Day starts properly on July 15.

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