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We've spied with our home-appliance-eye that there's a selection of offers on a line of new Samsung cordless vacuum cleaners right now, which includes one that we've had our very own hands on recently. The price of the Samsung Bespoke Jet has been slashed by 15%, meaning that you can make a decent saving of up to £127.35 on one of the latest vacuum cleaners. You can also save 50% on vacuum cleaner accessories and enjoy free delivery, too. (Not in the UK? Scroll down for the best vacuum cleaner deals in your region.) 

We like the sound of this deal because it's one of the latest best vacuum cleaners made available to the likes of you and I. It was launched earlier this year and in our Samsung Bespoke Jet review, we highlighted that it's a powerful stick vac that can also mop and empty itself into it's own dustbin. So, we're pretty confident that it'll revolutionise how you go about your weekly or twice-weekly vacuum cleaning rounds around your abode.

This is not just one vacuum cleaner we are talking about. Oh no. There are three in the mix with prices starting from £534.65 (valued at £629) ranging up to the top-end of £721.65 (valued at £849). There is no difference in the spec but what is different between them is what is inside the box. Starting at the lower of the price bracket to work up, the Bespoke Jet Complete (in misty white) comes with one battery rather than two, no spray spinning sweeper, and therefore no antibacterial reusable pads or disposable wet pads - but it does come with a slim action brush for use on hard floors. Whereas the Bespoke Jet Complete Extra (in a delightful woody green) does come with the two batteries but has no spray spinning sweeper or pads. And since the Bespoke Jet Pro Extra comes with everything, it is now not-so-surprisingly out of stock on, so keep checking back if that's something you really, really want.

Today's live Samsung Bespoke Jet deals

Samsung Bespoke Jet™ Complete |:

Samsung Bespoke Jet™ Complete |: £629 £534.65 at Samsung
You'll save £94.35 if you opt for this vacuum cleaner, which is on-par with some of the more mid-range vacs out there. Be sure to use code JET15 at checkout to claim your 15% off. Deal ends 27.06.22. 

Samsung Bespoke Jet™ Complete Extra |:

Samsung Bespoke Jet™ Complete Extra |: £799 £679.15 at Samsung
Available in our favourite colour of the line up (woody green) you can bag this vacuum cleaner for £119.85 less if you were to buy today. Be sure to use code JET15 at checkout to claim your 15% off. Deal ends 27.06.22. 

Samsung Bespoke Jet™Pro Extra |:

Samsung Bespoke Jet™Pro Extra |: £849 £721.65 at Samsung
This is the vacuum cleaner we reviewed, and it does everything - sweeps and mops, and has two batteries. At the time of writing it is out of stock, however, you may get lucky and be able to get it for less whilst the deal is still on. Use code JET15 at checkout. Deal ends 27.06.22. 

On test, we found that the best feature about the Bespoke Jet line up is the clean station. One of our biggest bug bears is that when you go to empty a bagless vacuum cleaner is that it empties back onto the floor, albeit in a more concentrated space. To have a dedicated space which looks neat and hygienically disposes of recently vacuumed debris is a relief to allergy-sufferers and those obsessed with having a clean home alike. 

Although it does come with a couple of bags for a head start, you will need to continue to buy these which we've found on Samsung UK for £19 if you want to commit to using the vacuum cleaner as your main vac in the house.

Samsung vacuum accessories |:

Samsung vacuum accessories |: £19 £9.50 at Samsung
If you want to buy one of these latest Samsung Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaners then don't forget to add the dust bags to your basket for a decent 50% off. Discount automatically applied at checkout. Deal ends 05.01.23.

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