Save 10% on the best LG OLED TVs before this amazing TV deal is over

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It looks like 2021 really is the year of the OLED, as LG is now offering a discount across its entire range of 2021 OLED TVs. Act fast though, as the 10% discount on LG OLEDs is only available for two weeks (until July 27).

The 10% discount, available by using code OLED10 at checkout, will take 10% off LG's A1, B1, C1, and G1 series TVs. This includes the spectacular LG C1, which is now down to just £1,529.99 for the 55-inch model (instead of £1,699.98). If you're after a bargain on a top-of-the-range OLED TV, these are deals you won't want to miss.

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Today's best LG OLED deals

LG G1 OLED (55-inch): £1,999 £1,799 at LG
Save 10%OLED10

LG G1 OLED (55-inch): £1,999 £1,799 at LG
Save 10%
- If money is no object, and you want the best possible OLED TV experience out there, you'll find it hard to beat the LG G1. The OLED Evo panel in the G1 is brighter and can provide more details than LG's other OLED screens. If you use code OLED10 at checkout you'll be able to save £200 off its usual asking price.

LG C1 OLED (55-inch): £1,799 £1,529 at LGSave 10%OLED10

LG C1 OLED (55-inch): £1,799 £1,529 at LG
Save 10% - The LG C1 OLED is the latest 2021 C Series OLED TV from LG. It's one of our favorite TVs this year, and if you're after the best price-to-performance ratio for an OLED, the C1 comes with our highest recommendation – especially now that it's 10% off with code OLED10.

LG B1 OLED (55-inch): £1,299 £1,169 at LG
Save 10% OLED10

LG B1 OLED (55-inch): £1,299 £1,169 at LG
Save 10% - The LG B1 uses a cheaper processor than the LG C1, but if you're after a great 4K picture for a little bit less (and with fewer downgrades than the LG A1) this is the OLED TV for you. Just remember to use code OLED10 at checkout if you want to save 10% off its current price.

LG A1 OLED (55-inch): £1,099989 at LG
Save 10% OLED10

LG A1 OLED (55-inch): £1,099 £989 at LG
Save 10%
- The LG A1 OLED was already the cheapest LG OLED, and now that it's under £1,000 for the 55-inch model there are very few reasons not to buy it. You won't get HDMI 2.1, but you'll still get a 4K/HDR image. Just remember to use code OLED10 if you want an amazing picture for a bargain price.

The best OLED deals in your region

If you want an OLED TV, but aren't able to take advantage of the UK deals above, check out these great deals in your region.

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