2021 is the year we’re all finally getting an OLED TV

People enjoying an LG OLED TV in their living room
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If you’ve bought an OLED TV so far this year, you aren’t alone. Even though TV sales have generally slowed, market analysts are predicting 2021 will be the year of the OLED, with shipments of OLED screens meant to increase by 80% from 2020 (via LG).

Market research firm TrendForce expects OLED TV sales to set records this year, with “excellent image quality” being a primary factor for consumers looking to upgrade their home cinema. Another analyst firm, Omdia, believes that the huge sporting events taking place this year (such as Euro 2020 and the delayed Tokyo Olympic games) are other driving factors for those grabbing a new OLED display. 

As OLED displays become considerably cheaper, there's also been a rise in people buying OLEDs as secondary TVs in locations like bedrooms and gaming rooms. You can now consistently find OLED TVs under $1,000 / £1,000, albeit for older models or in limited flash sales. The tech is now so consumer-friendly that even the new Nintendo Switch OLED model will use an OLED display.

You also can’t ignore all the extra time we’re spending at home since the Covid-19 pandemic first hit back in 2020. More than ever we’re spending time stuck indoors, and with TVs our main source of entertainment it makes sense that people would be desperate to make sure they can achieve the best experience possible.

TrendForce predicts that these push and pull factors are what will lead to 7.1 million new OLED TVs finding their way into our homes this year. This huge increase over last year’s sales (just 3.65 million OLEDs) will mean that the displays will account for 10% of the overall global TV market by the end of 2021.

If this turns out to be correct, 2021 could be the first year in a decade that LCD screens have accounted for less than 90% of the total TV market, marking a major milestone in the downward trajectory for LCD screen sales that we’ve been seeing since 2015. 

What is the best OLED TV for you?

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