Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 deal makes it temporarily cheaper than the iPhone SE

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 on blue background
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Despite launching for a princely sum, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is now available at a surprising discount - in fact, it now actually costs less than Apple's budget iPhone SE (2022).

This is a deal at Best Buy, which has cut the price of the foldable phone by a startling $700, down to just $299. This is only on the 128GB version of the phone - the 256GB model is 'only' $150 off. 

Oh, and the deal is only available if you activate today with Verizon - so there are a few hoops to jump through, you can't just pick up any version of the phone.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: $999 $299 at Best Buy
Save $700 -
The 128GB version of the phone is $300, if you activate it today on Verizon. This brings the price of the expensive foldable phone down to a surprisingly low price.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a clamshell folding phone, with powerful internals but middling cameras.

It's popular because of its form factor, which makes it easily pocketable, as you can close it when you don't want to be using it. There's also an outer display so you can check on your notifications without opening the thing.

Sure, it launched for quite a high price, but thanks to this deal it's a lot cheaper. And if you're wondering what the catch is (beyond the whole Verizon thing) and why it's so cheap, we've got a simple answer for you. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is coming out very soon, and so companies are likely trying to get rid of their stock of the old model.

If you're not in the US, you're not going to see quite as a good a deal, but here are the prices in your region:

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