Origin Energy is giving away 1 month of free NBN right now

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You probably know Origin Energy as a power provider, but it also offers NBN plans, and you can now save up to AU$144 by making the switch before June 30.

In this EOFY offer, Origin Energy is offering one month of free internet across all of its NBN plans. The full spectrum of speed is available through Origin Energy, with its NBN 25 plan starting at AU$64 a month, right up to its NBN 1000 plan starting at AU$144.

We say “starting at” because Origin Energy will permanently cut the cost of your internet bill by AU$10 each month if you bundle your internet and energy bills with Origin. Check your current power bills to assess whether this permanent discount is worth grabbing, as it brings all of Origin Energy’s NBN plans much closer to the average monthly price for each tier.

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Origin Energy prices compared
Header Cell - Column 0 NBN 25NBN 50NBN 100NBN 250NBN 1000
Origin NBN (with bundled energy)AU$64AU$74AU$94AU$124AU$144
Origin NBN (without energy) AU$74AU$84AU$104AU$134AU$154
Average NBN plan priceAU$66.32AU$74.97AU$92.27AU$121.18AU$145.77

This internet deal is particularly tempting if you’re after a speedy NBN plan, because Origin Energy’s NBN 250 and NBN 1000 options both offer incredibly solid speeds compared to the competition.

Its NBN 250 plan reports a typical download speed of 245Mbps in the evenings, which is the second fastest on the market (it’s only bested by Telstra’s 250Mbps speed). Sweetening the deal, you’ll save a massive AU$124 by getting this plan free for your first month.

Similarly, Origin Energy’s NBN 1000 plan boasts a typical download speed of 600Mbps, beaten only by Telstra with a reported 700Mbps download speed, and equalled by Aussie Broadband’s 600Mbps. This plan is the most expensive, though you’ll save AU$144 with your first month free.

When it comes to Origin Energy’s NBN 25, NBN 50 and NBN 100 plans, we wouldn’t recommend these as strongly. That’s because Origin doesn’t quote maxed-out typical evening speeds in this tier, whereas other smaller providers such as Spintel and Tangerine do. If you want recommendations for these tiers, go to our best NBN plans guide.

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