Microsoft slashes prices on its latest Surface devices just in time for school

Surface Book 2
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Microsoft has a solid sale on several of its Surface devices just in time for Back to School shoppers. If you're on the market for a laptop or a 2-in-1, Microsoft has some of the best options available, and these deals see as much as $500 cut off the price.

Surface Book 2 $1,149 $1,099 at Microsoft Store

Surface Book 2 $1,149 $1,099 at Microsoft Store
Microsoft 2-in-1 Surface Book 2 is on sale with $50 off the base model and up to $500 off on higher-end models.

Surface Pro 6 $899 $699 at Microsoft Store
$200 off

Surface Pro 6 $899 $699 at Microsoft Store
Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is instantly $200 off the base model, with even greater savings on higher-end configurations.

Surface Laptop 2 $999 $799 at Microsoft Store

Surface Laptop 2 $999 $799 at Microsoft Store
The Surface Laptop 2 is $200 off the base model, and up to $300 off higher-spec configurations.

Between the Microsoft Surface Book 2, Surface Pro 6, and Surface Laptop 2, Microsoft has a suite of computers that can fit almost any need. 

The Surface Book 2 offers high-end performance for those that need it, with configurations that include powerful, dedicated Nvidia graphics. It has a detachable tablet section that allows handheld use, and the Surface Pen offers fine input for creative projects.

The Surface Pro 6 offers a decent middle ground. It's smaller and more affordable than the Surface Book 2, but still can come with powerful enough internals for plenty of productivity tasks. It also has a tablet mode and support for the Surface Pen.

The Surface Laptop 2 is more traditional, but offers plenty of screen space, with a 4:3 aspect ratio and high resolution. It offers enough power for most basic workloads, like word processing and web browsing, so it's a strong fit for students. And, it's combination of portability (weighing in at just 2.76 pounds) and a long battery life (5 hours and 36 minutes in our test) make it a trusty device when a power outlet might not be available.

Generally, these devices all come at a premium, as Microsoft has done impressive work with their design. So, getting an instant discount is a big bonus. This is especially convenient for shoppers who need more than the base configurations offer. 

Since all the discounts scale up as the starting price of the computer's configuration increases, the more expensive configurations become that much more attainable.

You can see these deals and even more at the Microsoft Store here.

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