Exclusive: TechRadar readers get the first month of Visible Wireless for just $5

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TechRadar readers are among the lucky few to score a whole month of service at Visible Wireless for just $5 today (opens in new tab). Before you ask, no - this isn't an April Fools joke, this is the real deal, folks. 

To get your saving at this fantastic prepaid carrier, simply use the code FUTURE at checkout. After this step, simply order your SIM or eSIM of choice, and you'll be all good to go with a full month of unlimited 5G data for just $5 per month as opposed to the usual $40.

A total saving of $35 makes what's easily one of the best prepaid plans (opens in new tab) on the market even better in our books. While this limited-time promo is only valid for your first month (and for new customers only), it's a great low-cost way to check out Visible. 

To give you a quick low-down, Visible Wireless (opens in new tab) is a subsidiary of Verizon but specializes in offering a very simple (and cost-effective) unlimited 5G data plan. There's essentially only one plan at Visible with a baseline price of $40 per line. If you're looking to save on that, you can bundle together lines under the carrier's 'Party Pay' (opens in new tab) feature to get your price down to $25 (with four lines). Note, you don't have to be in a family to get access to Party Pay, which makes it a great choice for students, house sharers, colleagues, or anyone. 

As you'd expect, Visible Wireless runs on the greater Verizon 5G network, so coverage tends to be very solid for most areas. If you're looking for cheap cell phone plans (opens in new tab) as an alternative to Verizon, we'd recommend checking Visible out.

Exclusive Visible Wireless promo at TechRadar

Visible Wireless: first month $5 with code FUTURE (opens in new tab)

Visible Wireless: first month $5 with code FUTURE (opens in new tab)
Save $35 -
Use the code FUTURE at checkout to get your first month at Visible Wireless for just $5. That's a full $35 saving on one of the best cheap prepaid plans on the market currently. With fully 5G unlimited data, simple pricing, and access to discounts via the Party Pay feature, Visible Wireless is a great choice if you're looking to save cash on your plan in the long term.

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