The best DirecTV packages and deals available in August 2019


Whether you're looking to switch from another provider or sign up for television (TV) service for the very first time, DirecTV offers amazing value. The satellite TV provider offers a number of packages and plans to fit any budget, all of which come with at least 155 HD channels and a digital video recorder (DVR) for recording your favorite shows when you can't watch live. Plus, as DirecTV is owned by AT&T, you can bundle your service here with a wireless plan and/or internet service and pay less than if you were billed for each of them separately.

To see all the packages and order directly, go to DirecTV here and click 'Shop DirecTV' to see all the packages available in your area.

What is DirecTV?

DirecTV is a digital satellite TV provider. It's owned by AT&T and has more than 26 million subscribers. It offers up a number of TV packages on par with what you'd get from a cable TV provider.

How much does DirecTV cost?

Although DirecTV's top tier package of 330+ channels costs $110 per month, you can get DirecTV service for much less. Its Select Package, which nevertheless includes 155+ channels, is only $35 per month.

For more detailed pricing, check out all the packages below. Note that these prices require a 24-month contract, but are only good for the first 12 months, after which rates will increase.


Select Package - 155 channels ($35 per month)
The best option for the casual TV viewer who doesn't want to spend a lot on TV service, the Select package nevertheless comes with an ample 155 channels, including TNT, Discovery Channel, AMC, CNN, Bravo, and more. And for the first three months, you'll get to try out premium channels, like HBO, Showtime and Starz. This package goes up to $78 per month after 12 months.View Deal

Entertainment Package - 160 channels ($40 per month)
For the Entertainment Package, DirecTV takes the Select and adds another five channels, including must-haves like ESPN, ESPN2, and Fox Sports. As such, if you can't live without Sports Center, you'll definitely want to spend the additional $5 per month. Plus, you'll get the three-month channel premium preview as well. This package goes up to $90 per month after 12 months. View Deal

Choice Package - 185 channels ($45 per month)
For just another $5 more than the Entertainment Package, you can get an additional 25 channels, for a grand total of 180 networks. This package gives you a lot for your money, with added channels including the Weather Channel, IFC, the Travel Channel, the Cooking Channel, and the MLB Network. Plus, with this package, you get the NFL Sunday Ticket for the 2018 season for free, as well as the premium channel preview. This package goes up to $105 per month after 12 months. View Deal

Xtra Package - 235 channels ($55 per month)
For another $10, you can make the quantum leap from the Choice Package to the Xtra package, adding another 50 channels for a total of 235. Included in those 50 are Nat Geo, NBA TV, and MTV Classic. And you get the premium channel preview as well. This package goes up to $117 per month after 12 months. View Deal

Ultimate Package - 250 channels ($60 per month)
And for just another additional $5, you can move up from Xtra to the Ultimate Package, which adds on another 15 channels of mostly movies, with such channels as Starz Encore and The Movie Channel. Plus, you the get the NFL Ticket for 2018 and the three months of premium channels. This package goes up to $128 per month after 12 months. View Deal

Premier Package - 330 channels ($110 per month)
What could be better than the Ultimate Package? It can only be the Premier Package, which offers a staggering 330 channels for the TV fanatic. It's an especially good way to go for movie buffs as it includes all the premium channels like HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax. Plus, you'll get sports channels like ESPN Classic and NBS Sports, along with the NFL Sunday Ticket for the 2018 season. This package goes up to $181 per month after 12 months. View Deal