Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals 2022: The best sales you can shop right now

The best Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals

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There are still many Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals to be had even now that we're in the final stretch of the year's biggest sale events. So, whether you're a seasoned baker or simply want to make life in the kitchen much easier, it's a great idea to take a look now.

KitchenAid appliances are ideal, but they usually come with a substantial price tag, which is why they're often among the most popular Cyber Monday deals. Deals like the KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus stand mixer for $249 at KitchenAid and the KitchenAid 3-Piece Pasta Roller attachment set for $169.99 at KitchenAid are still one hand, and they're great opportunities to get you geared up for that holiday dinner you've been planning.

So, keep your eyes on this page, because we'll be updating it throughout the day with all of the best Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals we've spotted. We also have plenty of KitchenAid promo codes to check out too to find new ways to save.


Cyber Monday in the UK
We're covering US Cyber Monday deals here - so if you're reading this from the UK, head over to our round up of the best UK Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals: quick links

Cyber Monday KitchenAid mixer deals

KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus stand mixer: $449 now $249 at KitchenAid

KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus stand mixer: was $449 now $249 at KitchenAid
If you want a KitchenAid stand mixer this Cyber Monday then this is the deal you need. Right now you can get a 5-quart bowl-lift mixer at a ridiculously low price – with $200 off it's the cheapest KitchenAid mixer out there, and normally it's one of the most expensive. Treat it right and this stand mixer will quickly become an essential tool in your kitchen – especially if you upgrade it with the optional attachments that are on sale now too.

KitchenAid 4.5 Quart stand mixer: $419 now $279 at Walmart

KitchenAid 4.5 Quart stand mixer: was $419 now $279 at Walmart
Walmart's Black Friday deals are here, and they include this large discount on a 4.5 Quart stand mixer. Thanks to the plethora of add-ons you can buy for them KitchenAid mixers are an essential kitchen gadget, and thanks to this deal you can pick up a good-sized one at a bargain price.

Cyber Monday KitchenAid appliance and cookware deals

KitchenAid slicer attachment: $64.99 now $44.99 at Amazon

KitchenAid slicer attachment: was $64.99 now $44.99 at Amazon
If you already have a KitchenAid mixer you can equip it with this slicer and shredder attachment so it can help you prepare even more kinds of food. The three-blade options it comes with are perfect for slicing, grating, and shredding various veggies and cheese as required, and it's now down to the best price we've seen.

KitchenAid 3-Piece Pasta Roller attachment set: $219.99 now $169.99 at KitchenAid

KitchenAid 3-Piece Pasta Roller attachment set: was $219.99 now $169.99 at KitchenAid
This pasta roller and cutter can eliminate a lot of the hassle that comes with making fresh pasta, but even on sale, it's still quite pricey. We have seen this attachment sell for less on Amazon in the past but if you're looking to pick it up today this isn't too bad a deal, and it's the best price we can find right now.

KitchenAid Food Grinder attachment: $99.99 now $74.99 at Best Buy

KitchenAid Food Grinder attachment: was $99.99 now $74.99 at Best Buy
If you want to get more out of the KitchenAid appliance you already have, then why not pick up this food grinder attachment that can mince meat and grind up nuts as well as a whole host of other ingredients? We have seen this add-on sell for less, but $75 is only about $5 more than the cheapest it's been on Amazon all year, so this is not a bad deal at all.

KitchenAid 14-Piece knife set: $99.99 now $68.08 at Amazon

KitchenAid 14-Piece knife set: was $99.99 now $68.08 at Amazon
If you're looking for a more manual way to process your food, why not consider this KitchenAid knife set and storage block? It not only comes with a selection of blades it has an inbuilt knife sharpener so you return your dulled knives back to top form. Plus, this is the cheapest this knife set has ever been at Amazon.

However, if these models don't offer the feature you're looking for, check out the best prices we've found right now on a range of other KitchenAid appliances. 

Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals: top tips

KitchenAid stand mixer on a kitchen countertop

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When will the best Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals start in 2022?

Cyber Monday is today, November 28, and comes just three days after Black Friday, which took place on November 25. Most Black Friday deals have now been replaced by Cyber Monday deals, though you may still some with Black Friday branding.

Last year, many retailers also rolled their offers over into the first week of December too, so if you miss a great KitchenAid deal on Cyber Monday, you might not lose out completely - there could be another chance to bag yourself a bargain.

Where are the best places to find KitchenAid deals on Cyber Monday?

Amazon is one of the most prominent retailers for Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals, but it isn't the only retailer that offers hefty home and kitchen discounts in late November. Best Buy, Walmart and Home Depot in the US, as well as John Lewis, Argos and Currys in the UK, often rival Amazon with the deals they offer on KitchenAid stand mixers and other appliances. 

We’re rounding up all the best Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals above, but if you'd prefer to browse the retailers yourself, the following stores are our go-to options for Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals:

KitchenAid: up to 30% off on select models
Amazon: up to 32% off small appliances and accessories
Best Buy: stand mixers up to $225 off
Walmart: offers on KitchenAid mixers
Home Depot: up to $1,000 on KitchenAir refrigerators

KitchenAid stand mixer on a kitchen countertop with a woman preparing a pizza

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Tips for buying a KitchenAid Cyber Monday deal

If you put in some preparation now, you can make picking up one of the best Cyber Monday KitchenAid deals a far less stressful experience. Start by identifying exactly which model you want (you’ll find these listed on retailers' websites) and keep the product code to hand. Doing your research now will pay dividends come November, as it'll ensure you don’t end up paying over the odds. 

It’s worth noting the only difference between some designs is the accessories they are bundled with. The actual stand mixer is the same even though the model numbers may be different. Use this handy tip to net a heft saving on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Also consider if you can choose a cheaper design, and purchase the additional accessories separately to create your perfect KitchenAid bundle. 

Before you add a model to your basket, always check what price other retailers are offering - as you may find a better discount elsewhere. We’ll be rounding up the best prices from across the web here, but if you’re going it alone, thorough research will make all the difference, as prices can differ dramatically between retailers. Also, keep an eye out for retailers offering additional accessories or long guarantees in a bid to get the edge over their competitors. 

As we’ve already mentioned, while the best KitchenAid deals can usually be picked up on Cyber Monday itself, it’s worth keeping a check on offers from the start of Thanksgiving week as discounts can appear early. Similarly, not all colors will be discounted and some are more popular than others meaning they sell out quicker - so if you have a particular shade in mind, don’t delay when it comes to clicking that buy button (after you’ve done your research of course). If you do find a better deal later in the week, you can always return it in favor of the lower-priced option. 

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