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Cyber Monday iPad deals 2020: expected savings on iPad Pro, Air, Mini ranges

Cyber Monday iPad deals sales
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Cyber Monday iPad deals are some of the most popular offers we tend to see over the November shopping weekend. Priced just a little too high for an impulse purchase but low enough to appeal to each model's individual market, it seems many shoppers hold off until Cyber Monday before picking up their new tablet, and the retailers know it. That's why you see so many fantastic Cyber Monday iPad deals hitting the shelves in November, and we're running through everything you need to know about picking up the hottest offers. 

We've seen two new iPad Pro devices hit the market so far this year, and with rumors hinting at another release coming soon things are looking good for discounts on high performance models. We've not had a flagship instalment either this year, so you'll be shopping the 2019 iPad model if you're after one of the cheapest baseline options. 

Whether you're looking to score big savings on Cyber Monday iPad Pro deals or nab yourself a particularly cheap Air, Mini or flagship 2019 device, we're showing you what to expect from the November sales in 2020 and how to make the most of the biggest discounts.

Cyber Monday iPad deals sales

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Cyber Monday iPad deals: what to expect in 2020

2020 has been an excellent year for the previous generation iPad Pro deals. With this year's refresh and the two year age of the (still) powerful line of luxury laptops pushing prices down, we've seen sales that easily beat last year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday iPad deals over the course of the last few months. 

That means we're looking to this line of tablets for the biggest offers this year, with prices on the 12.9-inch 64GB model with WiFi and Cellular sitting as low as $799 (£999) over summer. For reference, we didn't see this model (without the cellular connectivity no less) drop further than $899 (£1,049) in last year's Cyber Monday iPad deals. 

If you're after the latest model, it's worth noting that aside from a few niche feature additions you're getting a very similar level of power for a lot more cash right now. We haven't seen as many discounts on the 2020 iPad Pro line so far this year (between $40 and $50 off in the US and £20 and £30 off in the UK), but it's not exactly a shiny new release anymore so we're expecting to see its first decent price drops in this year's Cyber Monday iPad deals. 

Plus, with Apple rumored to be refreshing its iPad Pro lineup once more before the holiday season hits its stride, that 2020 model might not be the new kid on the block any more. That bodes even better for some significant discounts. 

We haven't seen a  2020 flagship iPad model yet, so there's nothing new on the scene to push the prices of 2019's 10.2-inch device down even further over Black Friday. Last year saw prices drop to $249 (£289) on the cheapest 32GB iPad, with those savings reaching $100 off over on the 128GB side of things at $329 (£399). We haven't actually seen prices drop back to this position since January, however, and major discounts have been sparse throughout 2020. This year's Cyber Monday iPad deals, then, are likely to mirror those we've seen in previous years. 

Cyber Monday iPad deals sales

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The iPad Mini 5, however, dropped to its lowest price yet this year - beating last year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday iPad deals by some way. That's courtesy of a $50 / £50 reduction, bringing the dinky tablet down to $349 / £349 in late-August. If you're shopping for a smaller tablet in this year's Cyber Monday sales, you'll want to keep an eye on this slightly older device, as it's likely to drop even further due to its age and if the frequency of recent offers are anything to go by.

The premium iPad Air sits between the 2019 iPad and the iPad Pro in terms of both performance and price. It was still fairly new to the scene over Cyber Monday 2019, and so discounts only hit around $30 / £30 off. Already we've seen Memorial Day sales and Labor Day sales beat that in the US, though UK retailers have been slower to discount the in-between device. Discounts so far in 2020 have seen iPad Air deals sitting as low as $399 (Black Friday 2019 pitted it at $469) thanks to a $100 discount, but over in the UK there's still not been a November-beating price.

The iPad Air has been on sale for around £450 - £460 after briefly dropping to £439 following Black Friday. Still, this is the iPad Air's second time around, and if those US deals are anything to go by we can also expect big things from this 2019 release in the 2020 Cyber Monday iPad deals.

How to find the best Cyber Monday iPad deals

The secret to finding the best Cyber Monday iPad deals for you is to make sure you know exactly what you want heading into the shopping frenzy. If, for example, you're after a more powerful model with plenty of storage for media editing or to replace your laptop, you'll want to pick up an iPad Pro with at least 256GB of storage under the hood. 

A 2018 model should suffice (and can save you a lot of cash) but if you're after some newer features or you want to future-proof your purchase it might be worth splashing out on the 2020 model. By contrast, if you're just after a cheaper device for everyday streaming, a few games, and web browsing you'll be able to get away with a 32GB 10.2-inch iPad, or even an iPad Mini 5. 

When it comes to the big day, you'll then need to know which retailer to check out first. Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy have offered some particularly good iPad deals over 2020, with Walmart and Amazon leading the pack over Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019. Check out these retailers for 10.2-inch 2019 iPad deals in particular, or head over to Best Buy for the iPad Air - they were responsible for the fantastic $100 discount over Labor Day. 

Cyber Monday iPad Pro deals

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If you're shopping for an iPad Pro, B&H Photo have held onto the top spot over the year with some of the best prices around, so you can bet they'll be ready to stay on top of the game come November. Newegg was also the retailer to beat for older models over Cyber Monday 2019 and over the course of 2020, so if you're looking to save even more cash on previous-gen devices this is where you'll want to head.

Over in the UK, we've seen Currys, Amazon, and John Lewis battling it out for the best iPad deals over the last year and during the course of Cyber Monday 2019. That means these may well be your golden retailer for Cyber Monday iPad deals this year, but don't sleep on Argos, Very and Laptops Direct either.

Once you've found the perfect iPad at the perfect price from the perfect retailer, it's time to see if you can do one better. We wouldn't wait too long to head to checkout as Cyber Monday iPad deals can prove competitive, but a quick price comparison at other leading stores will let you know if you've made a good decision or if you need to switch. It's worth checking that the iPad deal you found can be price matched by your chosen retailer as well, if you'd prefer to shop at a certain store.

When will Cyber Monday iPad deals begin?

Cyber Monday iPad deals are expected to kick off on Monday November 30, though we're used to seeing Cyber Monday sales getting started in the weekend blur after Black Friday. However, 2020 looks a little different and we're already seeing some stunning iPad deals hitting the virtual shelves. That means we'd be keeping a close eye on prices from mid-October onwards, with the credit card ready and waiting from Wednesday November 25. However, if you spot a particularly good iPad deal in the lead up there's no guarantee it will be cheaper over the big weekend. 

Should you buy an iPad deal now? 

We're seeing some of the cheapest iPad deals of the year right now, as sales ramp up towards the holiday season. With the 2020 sales season looking a little different this year, we're expecting excellent deals from now all the way to December, which means if you spot a price you like there's no reason to wait longer for Black Friday and Cyber Monday as you may do in previous years. There's no guarantee that these offers won't simply be replicated over the November shopping weekend, and competition will be significantly higher as well.

iPad deals available now

Cyber Monday iPad deals in the US

Apple iPad Mini 5 - 64GB: $399 $349.99 at Amazon
The iPad Mini 5 is seeing its lowest price ever at Amazon right now, thanks to a $50 discount. Black Friday and Cyber Monday iPad deals last year didn't manage to reach this price low - instead receiving free gifts as opposed to price cuts. That means this is an excellent price on the 64GB model, with the 256GB model also seeing an all-time low price of $499.99.
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2019 10.2-inch iPad - 128GB: $429 $399.98 at Amazon
If you're after a cheap iPad, you'll be happy to find this $20 discount on the 128GB version of the 10.2-inch 2019 model. That's perfect if you want to use your new iPad for work or school, with Apple Pencil and smart connectors for compatible keyboards as well.
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2018 12.9-inch iPad Pro Wifi + Cellular - 64GB | $1,149 $799 at B&H Photo
Linked here is the 64GB iPad Pro, but you'll find configurations on this page taking you right up to 1TB of storage space with big savings to match. If you're just looking for a cheaper model, however, this is a great shout - or you can upgrade to 256GB for $1,299 $929.
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2018 12.9-inch iPad Pro WiFi + Cellular - 1TB | Audio Technica earbuds | $1,699 $1,199 at B&H Photo
There's a $500 saving on this iPad Pro deal that also includes a pair of Audio Technica true wireless earbuds worth $249.99. That's an excellent offer if you're one to plug in while working, and you're getting a great amount of storage space here as well.
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2018 12.9-inch iPad Pro WiFi + Cellular - 256GB | Magic Keyboard | $1,648 $1,278 at B&H Photo
Grab a 2018 iPad Pro with a Magic Keyboard included for $1,278 in B&H Photo's iPad sales. There's 256GB of storage in here - plenty of space for all your schoolwork with enough to spare for games and streaming.
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Cyber Monday iPad deals in the UK

iPad 10.2-inch 2019 - 32GB: £349 £329.97 at Amazon
Save £20 on the 2019 iPad with 32GB of storage at Amazon this week, that's as good a discount as we've seen over the past few months as iPad deals have been a little slow in recent times.
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iPad Air - 64GB: £479 £459 at Amazon
You'll also find a £20 saving available on the iPad Air at Amazon right now as well. That brings the final price down to £459, which is already in-line with last year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday iPad deals.
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iPad Pro 12.9-inch - 64GB: £1,119 £999 at John Lewis
John Lewis has listed the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with 64GB of storage for just £999 in the UK. That's a £200 saving that brings the powerful previous-gen device down under £1,000.
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