Limited time only: get a free TV when you buy a cutting-edge Copilot+ PC at Best Buy

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If you've been researching the latest ARM-powered Windows laptops and your interest is piqued, now's a great time to invest. For a limited time only, Best Buy is currently offering the latest models from Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft and HP with a free 50-inch TV

Devices currently start at $999 and include a 50-inch Insignia F30 Series 4K TV worth $299 with Lenovo, Microsoft, Dell, or HP models at no extra cost. Alternatively, go for a Samsung model and you get a 50-inch Samsung DU7200 4K TV worth $379. 

To qualify for this deal, you need to have a Best Buy Plus or Total membership. Prices for these memberships start at $49 per year and come with many benefits such as free two-day shipping and exclusive deals.

The new range of Copilot+ laptops will be of interest to anyone looking for the best laptop money can buy right now. While the Snapdragon X Elite chipset isn't miles ahead of its traditional Intel counterparts in performance, massive power efficiency gains mean that all these new laptops feature industry-leading battery life comparable to the latest MacBooks. 

Right now, these Snapdragon laptops also have the edge versus traditional laptops in terms of AI integration thanks to the X Elite's integrated NPU Core. While Intel and AMD will likely catch up soon, these laptops are on the bleeding edge for the latest AI features in Windows 11 right now, such as a chatbot called Recall and new voice commands.

Buy a Copilot+ PC and get a free TV at Best Buy 

Microsoft Surface Laptop Copilot+ PC: $999.99 + free 50-inch TV at Best Buy

Microsoft Surface Laptop Copilot+ PC: from $999.99 + free 50-inch TV at Best Buy
With the new Snapdragon X Plus CPU, this upgraded Microsoft Surface laptop has far better battery life than before with up to 20 hours, as well as an AI-enhanced studio camera, Recall feature, and Live Captions for instant translations. It’s a pretty good price too for a laptop with a 13.8-inch touchscreen and the latest hardware - before you factor in the free 50-inch Insignia TV.

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge: $1,349.99 at Best Buy

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge: $1,349.99 at Best Buy
Packing the superior Snapdragon X Elite processor, the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge also comes with a free 50-inch Samsung TV so you’re getting quality across the board. That means a gorgeous Dynamic AMOLED 2X 120Hz 1,800p touchscreen display and up to 22 hours of video playback before needing recharging. There’s also Google’s Circle to Search feature.

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7x: $1,199 at Best Buy

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7x: $1,199 at Best Buy
Boasting a gorgeous design, spacious keyboard, and high-end OLED display, the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7x is another fine choice if you're looking for a powerful and lightweight CoPilot+ laptop. This particular entry-level configuration comes with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD which should afford plenty of power for everyday tasks. Check out our hands on Lenovo Yoga Slim 7x 14 review to see our initial thoughts on this model. The freebie in question with this Lenovo is the Insignia F30 Series 4K UHD TV.

Dell XPS 13 Copilot+: $1,499.99 at Best Buy

Dell XPS 13 Copilot+: $1,499.99 at Best Buy
The marrying of the new Snapdragon X Elite chipset and the Dell XPS 13's gorgeous premium design could be a winning combination. Comparison's have always been made between Dell's high-end laptop and the Apple MacBook but now the former has it's own ARM-powered chipset, providing incredible 20+ hour battery life. 

Only recently announced, all the Copilot+ PCs in this deal should be something special. Our hands-on time with the Microsoft Surface Laptop went very well with our reviewer citing the phenomenal style involved and what a great price it was. That price is only more appealing when you also get a free Insignia TV thrown in.

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