The ACCC says to shop around for a better NBN deal – here are 5 plans I’d recommend

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The cost of your NBN plan could be about to change, as NBN Co is introducing new wholesale pricing for internet providers on December 1. But it’s not a straight increase across the board – the wholesale cost of NBN 100 plans and NBN 25 plans is actually decreasing, while the popular 50Mbps speed tier will be going up in price.

Ahead of the upcoming changes, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is urging NBN users to shop around to ensure they aren’t paying more for internet than they need to.

“It has never been more important for consumers to compare prices between retailers to make sure they are getting a deal that represents good value for them,” said the ACCC’s commissioner, Anna Brakey. “There are significant price differences between retailers so it is worth seeing what other deals are available.”

Are you paying too much for NBN?

TechRadar monitors the plan pricing of 24 internet providers in the market – here’s a look at the current average in each speed tier.

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Row 0 - Cell 0 Average monthly price*
NBN 25AU$68.06
NBN 50AU$77.71
NBN 100/20AU$92.10
NBN 100/40AU$99.27
NBN 250AU$117.30
NBN 1000AU$139.67

*average monthly price as of November 2, 2023.

While the average monthly cost is listed above, there can be quite a stark difference between telcos. Let’s take the 50Mbps speed tier – Telstra’s NBN 50 plan now costs AU$100 a month, but you could be paying as little as AU$69.90 a month for the same speed with Flip, which we currently recommend as the best NBN plan on the market.

Five great alternatives to Telstra and Optus

Best all rounder


Flip | NBN 50 | Unlimited data | No lock-in contract | AU$59p/m (first 6 months, then AU$69.90p/m)

Due to the increase in the wholesale price of the NBN 50 tier, Flip recently increased the cost of this plan by AU$5, but we still recommend it as the best NBN 50 plan on the market. It’s our top choice thanks to its low introductory offer and low ongoing price of AU$69.90 a month. Flip also promises a maximum typical evening speed of 50Mbps on this plan.

Total minimum cost: AU$59 | Total cost for first year: AU$773.40 | Yearly cost after discount: AU$838.80

Best cheap


Flip | NBN 25 | Unlimited data | No lock-in contract | AU$44p/m (first 6 months, then AU$54.90p/m)

If you’re in a one or two person household, an NBN 25 plan could suit your needs just fine, giving you the ability to browse the internet and stream in HD simultaneously. You’ll pay just AU$44 a month for your first six months on this plan, after which it increases to AU$54.90 each month ongoing. That’s excellent considering the average cost is AU$68p/m.

Total minimum cost: AU$44 | Total cost for first year: AU$593.40 | Yearly cost after discount: AU$658.80

Best cheap and fast


Flip | NBN 100 | Unlimited data | No lock-in contract | AU$69p/m (first 6 months, then AU$79.90p/m)

Flip has proven it’s an excellent value NBN provider, and if you’re wanting a plan that’s cheap and fast, we recommend its NBN 100 plan. Prices start at AU$69 a month for your first six months, after which it increases to an ongoing rate of AU$79.90. That puts it well below the average monthly price, while still offering a decent typical evening speed of 91Mbps.

Total minimum cost: AU$69 | Total cost for first year: AU$893.40 | Yearly cost after discount: AU$958.80

Best for gaming


Exetel | NBN 100 | Unlimited data | No lock-in contract | AU$68.99p/m (first 6 months, then AU$84.99p/m)

Gamers may want an NBN plan which can download new titles and updates fast, and Exetel’s NBN 100 plan is a great choice that costs a lot less than its Telstra and Optus equivalents. The appeal of this plan is its Speed Boost feature, which pushes your internet up to the next speed tier for five days of your choosing each month. Plus, prices start at AU$68.99.

Total minimum cost: AU$68.99 | Total cost for first year: AU$923.88 | Yearly cost after discount: AU$1,019.88

Best for large households


Superloop | NBN 250 | Unlimited data | No lock-in contract | AU$85p/m (first 6 months, then AU$99p/m)

If you live in a large household of four people or more who are all heavy internet users, an NBN 250 plan might best cater to your needs. Superloop’s NBN 250 option is great value, with a typical evening speed of 240Mbps – very close to the maximum available. You’ll only pay AU$85p/m for your first six months on the service, after which your bill will increase to AU$99 ongoing.

Total minimum cost: AU$85 | Total cost for first year: AU$1,104 | Yearly cost after discount: AU$1,188

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