Get Virgin Media’s M125 Fibre Broadband for £26.50 p/m on an 18-month contract

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If you've been searching for the best broadband deals that feature average download speeds in excess of 100Mbps, then we have a great option for you here.

Virgin Media is now offering its M125 Fibre Broadband package, which has speeds of 132Mbps, for just £26.50 a month. This is on an 18-month contract, and as an extra benefit, there aren't any upfront fees to pay. On top of this, if you're a current O2 customer you can get access to even more perks and 'Volt' benefits via O2 Priority.

Virgin's broadband is delivered via its own independent cable network and the provider is famed for its dependable service. However, this does mean that you're only eligible to receive this deal if your property is connected to the company's network. This is something you can check directly with Virgin when you look to sign up.

With this particular Virgin broadband deal, you also get upload speeds of 20Mbps and its top-of-the-range WiFi Hub. This tech features 'intelligent WiFi' as well, which means it will automatically refresh and optimise your connection to improve the broadband performance you get on your devices. All this, combined with the 132Mbps average download speeds, mean even the busiest of small to medium-sized households will be able to enjoy seamless experiences online, whether gaming, streaming or just casually browsing.

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Our Virgin Media broadband deal

Virgin Media M125 Fibre Broadband | 132Mbps | £26.50 a month | 18-month contract | No setup fees

Virgin Media M125 Fibre Broadband | 132Mbps | £26.50 a month | 18-month contract | No setup fees
With this deal from Virgin Media you get average download speeds of 132Mbps, upload speeds of 20Mbps and the company's smart WiFi Hub - all for £26.50 a month. It's an 18-month contract and there aren't any setup fees to pay either. Plus, existing O2 customers can also access extra perks and benefits. With these speeds and Virgin's dependable independent network, any small to medium-sized properties will be able to enjoy excellent performance online. However, to access the deal, your property will need to be connected to the company's cable network.

More great reasons to choose Virgin Media

When you look at everything Virgin Media has to offer, it's quite easy to work out why it's up there as one of the UK's most popular broadband providers

One big draw is its choice of broadband speeds, which cover solid fibre speeds all the way through to gigabit-capable ones. As of July 2023, these are the packages Virgin Media currently offers: 

  • M125 - 132Mbps
  • M250 - 264Mbps
  • M350 - 362Mbps
  • M500 - 516Mbps
  • Gig1 - 1,130Mbps

Virgin also rivals the likes of Sky and BT for its broadband and TV bundle deals. You can get a variety of entertainment packages that include everything from free-to-air channels, to movies, sports and more. Plus, it offers a TV streaming service and its smart '360 Box' which allows you to pause live TV and record your favourite shows. 

Like we've mentioned in our featured deal, O2 customers can also get their hands on extras like speed boosts, free WiFi extenders and double mobile data - all for free. 

Despite all of this, these bigger bundles can of course be more expensive and it's fair to point out that Virgin has seen criticism in the past for the quality of its customer services. More specifically, that it has been known to have long wait times and it's not the easiest to get support from online. 

So if you want to see what other broadband options you have out there, or you just want to compare this deal with what other providers are offering, we can help. All you need to do is enter your postcode into our widget below and we'll find and list the top deals you can get in your location.

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