This popular Brother printer is at its lowest price after Prime Day, just go get it

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Amazon Prime Day may be done and over with, but there are still plenty of post-event deals to take advantage of before the week is out. Part of that is due to Amazon continuing to price match against other retailer deals on products. This means that for days or even a week after Prime Day is over, you can still find some great sales.

Included in that are tons of great discounts for PCs and devices like printers in every price range and type. No matter what you're looking for, there's something for everyone, including those who have been waiting for normally expensive printers to finally get a well-deserved price cut.

One such price drop is for the Brother HLL2305W printer, which is currently on both Amazon and Best Buy for $119.99. While you can't see the original MSRP for it, this current deal is the lowest one. 

The Brother printer, which comes in duplex and wireless versions, is simply one of the best printers out there. Unlike most other printers that are made to suck money out of you like some vampiric printing machine, the Brother printer lasts for over 700 pages before you even get to the 'low toner' warning.

You can also upgrade to a more expensive model that also copies and scans, which is $199.99, another great deal. But for most people, the basic model is one of the best cheap printers and more than enough for a home office. What keeps its price so affordable is the fact that it's a black-and-white printer, which means that you never have to worry about color toners mysteriously 'running out' despite you never printing it in color.

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Today's best Brother HLL2305W printer deal

Brother HLL2305W:

Brother HLL2305W: now $119.99 at Amazon and Best Buy
This black-and-white printer allows you to print clear and clean printouts for at least 700 pages before the toner runs out. There are two versions, the duplex and wireless, though the latter is a better value since you can connect to your smartphone to print.

This is simply put, one of the best printers you can get. It's small enough to comfortably fit on most home office desks, you can get 700 pages out of it before it warns you of low toner, it prints clean pages, and you can adjust the quality even more. Basically, if you buy this printer, you'll forget you have one until you need it. You can use it without any issues, and then go back to forgetting about it.

Even better is that if you read the answers and reviews from other customers, they give useful tips and tricks on how to handle your new purchase. For instance, once you receive the low toner warning, leave the printer turned on and then press the green 'Go' button seven times. It'll continue working and, according to one customer, will go on to print another 650 pages.

There's plenty of other solid advice for this printer, with a review advising potential buyers to purchase the USB cable (simply look up 'cable for Brother HLL2305W') since it's easier to set up installation. And if you have Windows 11, the same reviewer advises you to search for this printer's Windows 11 driver and use that to connect it to your PC.

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