Good news Microsoft Surface laptop fans, you're getting 6 years of software updates

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go
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Microsoft will now offer Surface laptops released after January 1, 2021, six years worth of driver and firmware updates as part of a new effort to increase device longevity.

Firmware updates, as Windows Central points out in their coverage, “are designed to make the device work better” from overall “performance improvements” to brand few features. What’s interesting is this expansion appears to have been implemented in early October according to the date on the official support page. This coincides with the launch of the Surface Laptop Go 3, however, no one knew about these changes until recently. 

The page lists every single model that will gain extended support with the end of servicing date in the right column. This includes, but is not limited to, the Surface Pro 8, the Surface Laptop Studio, and Surface Go 3; all of which will receive their final patch on October 5, 2027.

A few exceptions

Additionally, there won’t be any changes made to OS updates. Surface laptops “will continue to receive Windows OS feature and security” patches as per the company’s Lifecycle Policy. The Surface Duo 2 tablet, on the other hand, is staying the same. Its last update is still set for October 21 of next year.

Most Surface models released before January 1, 2021, will stick to the old four-year plan although there are a few exceptions. A handful will gain the expanded support, but it won’t be the full six years; it’s more like five-and-a-half years. For example, the Surface Laptop 3, released in October 2019, has its end-of-service date set for July 2024.

We couldn’t help but wonder if Microsoft was inspired by Google when it decided to expand patch rollout. Back in September, Google announced it will begin giving Chromebooks longer software support. They’re both very similar plans, although Microsoft’s promise isn’t as generous as Google’s 10-year-pledge. Still, it’s good to see tech companies extend the lifespan of their hardware.

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