Get an RTX 4060 gaming PC for just $799 with this limited-time-deal at HP

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HP's latest flash sale features dramatic discounts on a number of gaming PCs, including its mid-tier Omen 40L Gaming Desktop. You can get the HP Omen 40L with an RTX 4060 from the HP store for just $800 (was $1,299) right now.

The GT21-1000m model is the most affordable version of the HP Omen 40L Gaming desktop but every variation currently has respectable discounts, meaning you can easily configure in upgrades and still get your $500 discount. This highlighted offer is close to 40% off but it's easy to add in an extra stick of RAM or a bigger SSD. Still, it doesn't get much cheaper than this for an RTX 4060 gaming desktop. 

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HP Omen 40L Gaming Desktop GT21-1355st: $1,399now $799 at HP

HP Omen 40L Gaming Desktop GT21-1355st: was $1,399 now $799 at HP
The HP Omen 40L Gaming Desktop GT21-1355st is the lowest-priced variation of the Omen 40L available on HP's website. It's equipped with a decent mid-range processor, the Ryzen 5-7600, and Nvidia's latest budget GPU, the RTX 4060. A small downside is the relatively small 8GB of RAM, but you configure a cheap and easy upgrade and still pay $500 less than the overall price. 

The lowest-priced configuration that we've highlighted above is a good starting point if you're looking for a cheap RTX 4060 gaming desktop. This GPU alone is going to get you great gaming performance at 1080p resolution, although we'd highly recommend bumping up the RAM here to 16GB to really get the most out of this machine. 

You can still squeeze under a $1k budget with a few tweaks. Any of these configurations with 16GB of RAM should be able to handle the most graphically demanding releases, so you don't need to worry about that. It's just about enhancing your gaming experience and future-proofing your PC as more advanced technology inevitably comes out. Either way, you'll still pay $500 less than what it would normally cost. 

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