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Searching for the very best broadband deals on the market? Well, Hyperoptic could be the perfect provider for you. 

Thanks to the company’s Full Fibre packages, flexible contract terms and top customer service, they’ve won countless awards. Plus, customers love the company - something that's a real rarity for a broadband provider! 

Not heard of Hyperoptic before and wondering what the company is all about, or why they seem so cheap? We're here to help. We've put together this guide that provides you with all of the key details that you need about Hyperoptic. This way, you can accurately decide whether you should make the switch to one of its speedy broadband packages.

Who is Hyperoptic?

Formed in 2011, Hyperoptic started properly expanding in 2014 and then again on a larger scale in 2019 when further private investment in its infrastructure was secured - and hasn't stopped since.

It might sound like a generic term for super fast internet, but Hyperoptic is a brand in its own right. However, its name is derived from the fast speeds it offers. This is an appropriate name too, as Hyperoptic doesn't offer any standard - and slower - ADSL broadband.

Instead, it has built its own network with fibre optic cables only and its customers are connected with fibre-to-the-premises (or FTTP lines), not the slower copper kind. This means its customers only get faster broadband speeds, from a minimum of 50Mbps all the way up to the ultrafast 1Gbps. What’s more, thanks to its use of FTTP technology, its network is much more reliable than FTTC and older ADSL alternatives.

That said, as it does only offer FTTP, whether or not you can access its broadband is subject to the availability of fibre in your area and the connectivity situation on your property. This is something you can check with Hyperoptic. If you can't get broadband from the company yet, you're encouraged to register your interest to help speed up the nationwide rollout.

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How much do Hyperoptic's broadband deals cost?

One of the things that many customers love about Hyperoptic is the company's pricing. It's easy to see why, too. After all, Hyperoptic regularly undercuts the prices offered by the likes of Sky, Virgin Media and BT. Plus, it usually offers a great range of incentives for signing up, too. 

Admittedly, all of the company's plans require you to pay an activation fee (usually £19). But, when your internet is up-and-running, you gain access to industry-leading perks, such as the company's hyper hub router and 24/7 customer support. 

If you look at Hyperoptic's current home broadband-only deals these are the latest offers for:

Fast | 50+Mbps | £26 a month for 24 months | £19 activation fee

Fast | 50+Mbps | £26 a month for 24 months | £19 activation fee
Its entry-level package gives average download speeds of 50+Mbps and is a solid choice for the online demands of small-to-medium-sized households. Upload speeds average 5Mbps and a free hyperhub router is included.

Superfast | 150+Mbps |  £0 for three months, then £32 for the remainder of a 24-month contract | £19 activation fee

Superfast | 150+Mbps |  £0 for three months, then £32 for the remainder of a 24-month contract | £19 activation fee
The next package jumps up to an impressive 150+Mbps in average download speeds, and as you might expect, it’s a great option for those looking to download lots of data, stream in UHD, play online games, and browse across multiple devices at once. You also receive a minimum speed guarantee of 150Mbps as well as symmetrical upload speeds. 

Ultrafast | 500+Mbps | £0 for three months, then £36 for the remainder of a 24-month contract | £19 activation fee

Ultrafast | 500+Mbps | £0 for three months, then £36 for the remainder of a 24-month contract | £19 activation fee
As the name suggests, this package puts you in the realms of ‘ultrafast’ broadband, and with 500+Mbps average download speeds, even busy and large households and businesses should have their broadband needs met.

Hyperfast | 900Mbps |  £0 for three months, then £39 per month for the remainder of a 24-month contract | £19 activation fee

Hyperfast | 900Mbps |  £0 for three months, then £39 per month for the remainder of a 24-month contract | £19 activation fee
Hyperoptic’s top package, although the most expensive, is the one that gives you the mighty 900+Mbps average download speeds - pushing you into gigabit-capable territory. As we’ve mentioned earlier, pretty much all your online needs can be handled with such speeds, no matter how many people you have using the internet in your home or business.

On top of the deals listed above, Hyperoptic also offers a range of 12-month contracts as well as monthly rolling options. 

The 12-month contracts are comparable in terms of price (£28, £29.99, £34 and £38) respectively, but you don't qualify for the provider's current 'three months for free' offer. 

Similarly, although Hyperoptic's monthly rolling options are convenient, they are  certainly more expensive (£30, £40, £50 and £60). Plus, with these packages, you also need to pay a higher activation fee. Again, you also won't qualify for any discounts or freebies. 

You can also check out the latest Hyperoptic discount codes for more ways to save on your broadband.

What is Hyperoptic’s current UK network coverage?

Hyperoptic's broadband is not yet universally available across the UK. As the company only offers FTTP packages, whether or not you can access the company's broadband is subject to the availability of the network in your area. Thankfully, this is something that you can easily check with Hyperoptic

As of February 2024, Hyperoptic is available in over 100 towns and cities across the UK. The company is planning to expand its network rapidly, too. 

If you can't get broadband from the company yet, you're encouraged to register your interest to help speed up the nationwide rollout.

What do Hyperoptic’s customers think of its service?

On the whole, Hyperoptic has positive reviews from its customers. A notable example of this is how it currently scores 'Excellent' on Trustpilot with an average rating of 4.5/5 from nearly 25,000 reviews.

A quick glance at the feedback Hyperoptic tends to receive also reflects well on its customer services. Often it gets praise for how quickly it responds to and resolves any issues customers may have, as well as the expertise and helpful guidance its teams provide.

Hyperoptic offers a variety of customer service options, including a team that's available 24/7 via email. In addition to this, there's a phone support line, as well as contact points across its Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels.

Unlike many other providers, Hyperoptic also has an online advice hub that's full of FAQs, common issues, and functions that are aimed to help its customers resolve their issues independently.

Has Hyperoptic won any awards?

Yes, it sure has! Just a small selection of its recent accolades include:

  • The Uswitch ‘Broadband Provider of the Year’ for 2023
  • Gold recognition for reliability at the Choose Broadband Awards 2023
  • ‘Fair Terms’ Gold award at the Choose Broadband Awards 2023
  • Gold recognition for ‘Digital Inclusion’ at the Choose Broadband Awards 2022
  • The ‘Best Consumer ISP’ at the 2023 ISPA Awards

Hyperoptic broadband speeds

As alluded to earlier, Hyperoptic's internet speeds are all fast, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. More specifically it offers four different fibre speeds - all with unlimited data:

  • 'Fast' 50+Mbps
  • 'Superfast' 150+Mbps
  • 'Ultrafast' 500+Mbps
  • 'Hyperfast' 1Gbps

It's this top speed which really catches the eye though and Hyperoptic can lay claim to being one of the first providers to offer such ultrafast broadband to UK customers. However, we are starting to see similar packages being offered by the likes of Sky and BT - plus, Virgin Media has its gigabit-capable 'Gig1' package on its own independent network, but it's typically much pricier than Hyperoptic.

If you do opt for Hyperoptic’s 1Gbps broadband, it will mean you never have to worry again about your videos buffering and interrupted web surfing. Of course, only you will know whether you really need those speeds - maybe you're a keen gamer or perhaps you live in a big household with high UHD streaming demands? Whatever it might be, you won't be concerned with poor online performance ever again.

If you want a comparison between the speeds you're currently getting and the ultrafast options from Hyperoptic, use our broadband speed test tool.

Broadband download speeds

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Hyperoptic broadband FAQ

Hyperoptic’s broadband ‘Price Match Guarantee Offer’

For new customers and those within 30 days of their new service with Hyperoptic, the provider also has its ‘Price Match Guarantee Offer’. This states that if you can find ‘a Residential Full Fibre Broadband or Broadband & Phone Service with the same service (or better) specifications’ as your Hyperoptic package, it will match the price. Full details can be found here.

What other types of broadband deals does Hyperoptic offer?

At the moment Hyperoptic doesn't have a huge amount of extra bundle deals on offer. However, this has grown since the company started up and now you can get:

  • Broadband-only tariffs
  • Broadband and phone service deals
  • Student deals
  • Social tariff broadband
  • Business broadband
  • Business broadband with VoIP

Does Hyperoptic's broadband include line rental?

With all of Hyperoptic's plans, you can have access to an optional landline. However, this will cost slightly more. The company is upfront about this though, meaning there won't be any hidden line rental charges appearing on your bill at the end of the month.

However, Hyperoptic does have some deals on its broadband and phone tariffs and right now you can get three months free on 24-month contracts if you go for its 'Superfast', 'Ultrafast' or 'Hyperfast' tariffs. 

Hyperoptic’s ‘Switch Now’ offer

Hyperoptic has a unique promotional offer available for those who are considering switching to its services - it’s ‘Switch Now’ product.

To summarise, this can see you get ‘up to 9 months free service’ with Hyperoptic, as you wait for your existing provider’s contract to end. This does only apply to certain packages and your access to its network, but you can learn more about this here.

What extras can you get with Hyperoptic’s broadband?

Hyperoptic has a choice of five ‘hyperhub’ routers and the one you'll get depends on the type of broadband speed you opt for when you sign up. You can see the full range here. These will need to be installed by an engineer though and this can be an additional cost if you have specifics about where you need it fitting in your home.

Its 'Total Wi-Fi' service can be added to your broadband package to boost its performance. This also includes its 'powerful Wi-Fi extender the 'Minihub'.  

The prices do also jump up a little if you want a phone line too, but as far as fast broadband deals go, these are right up there as some of the cheapest. 

Right now Hyperoptic doesn’t offer any broadband and TV bundles, but it does have a handy referral scheme where you can get a £25 voucher for successfully referring a new customer to its broadband services. Full details on this scheme can be found here.

What is the installation process like with Hyperoptic?

Hyperoptic says its installations can be ‘quick and easy’, but it’s likely you will need to be visited by an engineer - and this can be an additional cost if you have specifics about where you need it fitting in your home. 

The full installation process can be found here, but Hyperoptic does state that it will usually last about an hour and it’s a service it offers six days a week. In some cases, installations can be booked in for completion within ‘the next day’.

What else sets Hyperoptic apart from other providers?

Alongside some of the other benefits we’ve mentioned earlier, Hyperoptic has a few other tricks up its sleeve that also set it apart from rival internet providers. On its website it lists the following positive attributes, many of which you often won’t get with other companies:

  • It doesn’t do mid-contract price rises on its tariffs
  • It has a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not happy with its service in this time frame you can cancel without any exit fees
  • It has a five-star rating for its customer services
  • Its top broadband speed is 48 times faster than UK average speeds

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