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This 32-inch TV is only $79 - does it matter how good the picture is?

If you're looking for a TV that you don't want to love - maybe chuck it on a wall in a child's bedroom, or sling it in the back of a motorhome - then this is the deal for you.

We're talking $79.99 for a 32-inch TV from Polaroid - although we've not tested it, we're almost certain that it's not going to be the highest quality image. Even the picture photoshopped onto the TV itself to show people having fun on it is low res...

At a shade under $80, who really cares though? For this cost you can consider this far more throwaway, despite the fact most smartphones have more pixels in these days.

Polaroid 32-inch 720p TV: MRSP $159.99 now $79.99
A TV thoroughly designed to be a second set that you could be more happy breaking than a hyper-expensive 4K OLED set. It's so low-res that you might as well draw the content yourself, but it's great for certain situations.View Deal

Beware that low-cost TVs have to be able to hit that price somehow, so it's possibly not going to be the best-built ever - some online are claiming it to have broken just outside of warranty, but many others are claiming it's a great second screen, budget set. This is one of the many Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals available - check out our hub pages for more budget-friendly bargains.

Just don't expect it to be gracing our list of the best TVs any time soon...