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Maxon Cinema 4D 11 review

This relatively new program is gaining popularity amongst the pro's

Maxon Cinema 4D 11
Cinema 4D offers a good balance of cost vs performance

Our Verdict

A solid and very functional program that offers a good balance of cost and performance for those who can't afford the extreme cost of Autodesk's offerings


  • HDR support
  • Good render times
  • Relatively cheap


  • Not as complete as Maya

Cinema 4D has gained a quiet following among 3D professionals, especially those who composite 3D design work with photography and video.

More of a destroyer or corvette to Autodesk's two dreadnoughts, it's smaller and simpler, which makes it easier to learn and also to work with. Output quality is just a minor notch down from the high end, but if you're not a 3D professional you probably won't notice – it's still very good indeed.

HDR support means that high quality photorealism isn't too difficult to achieve – some of the gallery shots on the Maxon website show off what's possible, and it's worth taking a look to see if you can tell where 3D ends and photography begins.

Render times are also relatively speedy, and at extra cost you can build your own mini-render farm for professional production speeds. Cinema 4D hits a sweet spot between a high end monster you'll need a second mortgage for, and a low end toy.

The balance between productivity and price is hard to beat.