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  • Nice design Touch-screen will appeal to younger photographers Good noise results Records nice colours


  • Narrow dynamic range Touch-screen needs to be improved Over exposes pictures at balanced exposure values

The ST95 is one of the better looking cameras in Samsung's line-up, featuring an individual design, a touchscreen and a small body.

In fact, the 3 inch touchscreen on the ST95's back looks bigger due to the body's smaller size.

There's only two buttons on the back of the camera for accessing the playback menu and the home menu, which makes the camera look more streamlined. The home button provides access to the many shooting modes such as program, smart auto, scenes and video.

There's three pages of options in the home-button menu, isn't in any logical order that we can see, and some of them might be better placed in the scene mode options such as Magazine, Night, Close-up, Beauty shot, Vignetting and Photo filter.

The main menu is opened up using the touch-screen and ages are navigated by finger-swipes, much like on a smartphone.