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Apple to add voice text messages to iPhone?

Apple has filed a patent to offer text messages to mobile phones without the need for standard GSM SMS protocol, or even the need to read the messages. When messages come through the text is instead converted into audio signals.

The 'Multimedia data transfer for a personal communication device' patent filing was submitted to the US Patent & Trademark Office on 26 July, according to MacNN .

It describes how Apple devices would convert text messages from a sender's device to audio signals with this audio signal getting passed through standard audio communication channels. SMS messages normally require an intermediary server between sender and receiver.

This audio signal can then be translated to actual language on the receiver's end, with a speaker reading the message back. Potential listed uses include text messaging for visually impaired people, and for those with very small screens on their handsets.

As Apple is likely to unveil a second-generation, possibly Apple iPod nano-style Apple iPhone later on this year, can we count on getting this audio text message function included in the forthcoming handset?