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LG shows off OLED panel under 1mm thick


While Apple has abandoned its TV ambitions, LG's clearly determined to push things forward, having just unveiled a mind-bogglingly thin OLED panel at an industry event in Korea.

Measuring in at 0.97mm thick, the 55-inch panel makes the current thinnest LG production model's 4.3mm girth look positively Biggest Loser-esque.

A proof-of-concept, the new screen weighs 1.9kg and is mounted on the wall via a magnetic mat, which the panel then sticks to. And if you're not happy with the positioning of your TV, well, you can just peel it off like you would a fridge magnet.

What's the skinny?

LG is aggressively pursuing OLED (organic light emitting diodes) technology, due to its potential for panels that are far lighter and thinner than traditional LCD (liquid crystal display) technology.

OLED also makes it easier for companies to pursue curved-screen gimmickry, like LG's 105-inch curved-screen monster.

Sadly we shouldn't expect LG's razor-thin panel to go on sale any time soon, as the technology is currently prohibitively expensive. But it's an exciting indicator of where TVs are headed.