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HP launches Connected Music to stream gigs to Windows 8

HP's new music app is coming to all its new Windows 8 devices
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HP has revealed one of the ways it plans to set its Windows 8 devices apart from the pack: by streaming exclusive music shows to the new OS.

The musical addition comes to HP's Windows 8 line-up thanks to a new partnership with Universal Music.

The collaboration covers the whole of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and kicks off on all of HP's Windows 8 laptops, Windows 8 tablets, PCs and Ultrabooks in the region with an exclusive show from No Doubt later today.

As well as the live music, the partnership allows customers with new HP consumer PCs rocking Windows 8 free streaming access to Universal's full catalogue for 90 days.

If you've invested in a Windows 8 HP Spectre or HP Envy PC, you'll also get 10 free MP3 downloads per month for three months.

You can win, too

As well as streaming the shows live, HP and Universal will be giving users the opportunity to win trips to the private gigs as well as other exclusive music content from artists on Universal's roster, which includes Robbie Williams, Pixie Lott, Maroon 5, Drake and Frank Ocean.

It's not the first time HP has put its eggs in a musical basket; the company teamed up with Dr Dre's Beats brand to improve audio playback on its devices, and has also sealed deals with music streaming services.

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