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YouTube for big screens undergoes a massive UI makeover

YouTube Xbox One
Ooo, pretty

YouTube's Xbox One app doesn't have the most intuitive interface, but that changes today as Google begins refreshing the YouTube TV experience across the board.

The Xbox One YouTube app is the first to be updated, with a new interface that brings it more in line with YouTube on other platforms, including web and mobile.

The new YouTube app update also makes it easier to find recommended videos, channels you're subscribed to and playlists you've saved.

These videos will appear in a new section on the YouTube app home page labeled "what to watch."

Easier is better

The video above lays out the changes.

The update arrives first on Xbox One, and will roll out to other streaming devices in the coming weeks, Google promised in a blog post.

"An Epic Rap Battle of History looks even more epic on the big screen, but finding the battle you want on your TV can take longer than it took Wallace to layeth the smackdown on Washington because of all the clicking around you have to do," the post reads.

Can't argue with that.