Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus and iPhone 11R both seemingly leaked in photos

The Galaxy Note 9
(Image credit: TechRadar)

This is a bit of an unusual one – we may have just seen actual photos of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, with the iPhone 11R apparently reflected in the screen.

Shared by @UniverceIce, who obtained the shots from an “unknown leaker”, we can be fairly confident at least of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus part, as the name of the phone is actually visible on the screen.

We’d still take it with a pinch of salt, but this close to the handset’s August 7 announcement, and with the images – complete with a punch-hole camera and seemingly hardly any bezel - matching previous leaks, it’s very likely this is the real deal.

The iPhone 11R bit we’re less sure about, as that’s further from launch and we can’t make it out super clearly in these images, though whatever phone it is does appear to have the rumored square camera block, along with something covering the spot that would probably house an Apple logo.

If this is the iPhone 11R – or whatever it launches as – then the main thing to be taken from the image, beyond the redesigned camera, is the gold shade it appears to be in, suggesting that’s likely to be one of the launch colors.

That launch is still a while away though, as the iPhone 11 range probably won’t land until September. In the meantime though there’s plenty of Samsung stuff on the way, not just the Galaxy Note 10 range, but also the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.