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Motorola: Apple is a 'great competitor to have'

Motorola Xoom - an iPad competitor
Motorola Xoom - an iPad competitor

Motorola believes that Apple is a 'great competitor to have' in the tablet market, because the US giant sets high standards that the rest have to follow.

Motorola has launched the Xoom into the burgeoning tablet market, and it has been warmly received since its launch at CES 2011.

However, Apple has since unveiled the iPad 2, and raised the bar for rivals who want to take them on head to head.

Opportunity knocks

"I think the opportunity is there [to take on Apple]," said Andy Hooper, Motorola's director for converged experiences and software in Europe & MEA.

"They are a competitor to have because they set a great benchmark.

"There was absolutely no surprise around what they did with the iPad 2, and my own thought is that they could have done more.

"But it moves so quickly that there is no resting on any laurels anywhere and ultimately we have to go out and bring a quality product to market."

Xoom 2?

There are rumours already flying around that Motorola is planning its next tablet although the Motorola Xoom UK release date is not until early April.

The company has told TechRadar that it views 2011 as an exciting year, but it remains to be seen if that includes a next-next generation tablet.