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Google Glass to get more iPhone-friendly

Google Glass might be about liberating yourself from your smartphone, but its navigation and text messaging features currently still rely on being paired with an Android phone as Glass doesn't have its own GPS.

However, a Google spokersperson has told TechCrunch that these Glass features will soon work independently of the Android middleman, with no companion app needed either.

You'll still need an internet connection from another device, mind (or WiFi hotspot) but it does mean that iPhone users will be able to get in on the action too. We assume that this means text messages will go directly to Glass rather than via your phone.

Through the looking-glass

We expected iPhone support would come quickly, and this latest news will be met positively by Apple users with a curiosity for some Google Glass action.

But for you would-be Glassers out there, don't forget that the device also requires you to have a tethering plan on your phone. Worth noting, that.

We contacted Google to ask for official confirmation and will update if we get it.

Via TechCrunch