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The iPhone 6's Apple logo may light up when you receive a text

iPhone 6
Light up, light up

So far we've been unconvinced by rumours that the iPhone 6's Apple logo will light up in the style of the MacBook, but the latest leak may have finally tipped us into a state of belief.

Some new pictures obtained by uSwitch (with the help of notorious Apple leaker Sonny Dickson), suggest that the new iPhone will have a bit of extra glow to it.

uSwitch compares the new rear housing of the alleged iPhone 6 with previous iPhone shells, noting that the plastic panel, which is placed over the Apple-shaped hole, has been made thin enough for light to shine through it.

Glow for it

It's certainly not conclusive evidence, but it's a compelling argument that Apple will finally be introducing a feature which was also rumoured to appear on the iPhone 5S.

iPhone 6

While the MacBook's glowing apple sits on the shell for decorative purposes, sticking one on an iPhone could have more useful means.

Mainly, the light may provide visual notifications when the phone is on its front, alerting us when we've received a text or an email without us needing to flip over the handset.

Though isn't that what the iWatch is meant for?