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SwiftKey lands free on iOS 8 in time for the iPhone 6

SwiftKey lands on iOS 8 ready for launch day

SwiftKey, the predictive keyboard app beloved by Android users, has launched it's free iOS 8 app to coincide with the launch of iOS 8.

Until iOS 8, Apple devices haven't supported third-party keyboards. If you're running an iOS 8 device you can go grab the keyboard from the App Store right now.

It also means that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users will be able to use the app's predictive technology and become better, faster and more efficient typists, when the phones are launched tomorrow.

SwiftKey works by proactively suggesting the next word it thinks you'll want to type, as well as autocorrecting your typos and adding spaces where they've been missed.

Cloud control

The SwiftKey Cloud feature lets you sync your typing preferences across devices and platforms and lets the app benefit from analysing your typing history through Facebook, Gmail, Evernote et al.

"It's always been our mission as a company to make it easy for everyone to create and communicate on mobile," said co-founder and CTO Ben Medlock

"This marks a big change for the millions who use iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: access to more choice and greater customization is, literally, right at their fingertips."