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Samsung commits to software improvements in wake of Android

Samsung commits to software improvements in wake of Android
The Wave 3 is one of the few Samsung handsets running Bada

Samsung has confirmed that it is committed to producing better software for its smartphone ranges.

Kwon Oh-hyun, Samsung's new CEO, made the announcement during this inaugural speech after he took over the firm earlier this month.

Oh-hyun said: "A particular focus must be given to serving new customer experience and value by strengthening soft capabilities in software, user experience, design, and solutions."

Bada Boost

Samsung has relied heavily on Google's Android operating system in recent years, which has seen the company propel its way to glory, recently overtaking Apple as the world's biggest seller of smartphones.

However Samsung hasn't seen much success with its own-brand mobile platform Bada, which has suffered from low demand from customers on a worldwide scale.

There have been rumours that Samsung is looking to merge Bada with open-source project Tizen, although there's no guarantee that will happen.

Oh-hyun did not disclose how much money Samsung would be ploughing into its software development and improvements, but this news could well mean we see more Bada devices breaking cover in the near future.

From Wall Street Journal