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Patent says iPhone to get fingerprint controls

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Well, I prefer to use my middle finger for iTunes

It wouldn't be a normal week without an iPhone rumour or two, so it's a pleasure to report that Apple itself has fuelled the latest scuttlebutt by filing a patent application for some intriguing new features.

The 2 July US filing suggests that future iPhones may include fingerprint recognition in the touchscreen for not just security purposes, but also as a new means of control.

Touch sensitive

It posits that the device will be able to determine which finger is touching the screen and react accordingly.

So, for example, a long touch of the index finger might send users to the home screen, while a shorter touch might just jump up one level in a menu or folder.

In-car entertainment?

Such a move would also make it possible to operate the music player without looking at the screen - the middle finger could trigger it to skip ahead, with the index finger putting it into reverse.

However, while the use of fingerprint recognition is now out in the open, we can't see it making it into the iPhone anytime soon.

Via MacRumors