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Orange launches 'cheapest ever' £5 per month deal

Orange offers cheapest contract deals yet
Orange offers cheapest contract deals yet

Orange has announced three new deals designed to help those 'light in the pocket', with the cheapest starting at just £5 per month.

The network has brought out three new tariffs with phones attached, as well as SIM-only versions should you be far too fond of your current handset to get rid of it.

The £5, £10 and £15 per month tariffs are all available for an eyeball sweltering 36 months (which is a fancy way of disguising the notion of being tied down for three years) but after 18 months customers will be offered an upgrade.

Bog standard and up

The £5 tariff only comes with 50 mins and 50 texts, as well as a bog standard Nokia 2630, while the £10 per month (100 mins, 300 texts) has a Nokia 3600 thrown in and the £15 per month (200 mins and unlimited texts) has a snazzy Nokia 6500 slide to take your fancy (although that is closing in on being nearly two years old).

The SIM only plans are available for 18 months at a time, with a variety of Dolphin plans starting at £10 per month.

Quite how a three year deal with an upgrade break in the middle is different from two 18 month contracts is unclear, but if you're the kind of person who just wants a mobile phone and the ability to call once in a while without worrying about topping up credit, then this is probably the deal for you.