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New iPhone HD SDK hints at HD video recording

The iPhone HD could actually be the iPhone HD
The iPhone HD could actually be the iPhone HD

It seems that the release of the iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3 SDK is throwing up all manner of surprises: the iPhone HD could capture video at 720p.

The new iPhone OS 4.0 has already packed in some pretty decent upgrades, but mostly these have been minimal things like file sharing and music widgets.

But MacRumors has been digging around in the camera SDK, and found an interesting set of presets that hint at something much bigger:


The next level

While the former refers to the video capture resolution of the iPhone 3GS, but the latter is new - and new means possible extra features.

But before you get your berets and loudhailers out at the thought of being the next big thing in film direction with your iPhone HD, remember there are always a lot of bits of renegade code in iPhone OS SDKs for the 'in case we want to do it in the future' parts of Apple's strategy.

At least it's not long until Steve Jobs takes to the stage in June at WWDC - so we'll soon know all about it.

Via MacRumors