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Motorola's forthcoming 'flagship' phone dropped

The Motorola Alexander - say bye bye
The Motorola Alexander - say bye bye

The news from the Motorola camp is never good these days, and this latest nugget is a biggie - the forthcoming high-spec Alexander phone has apparently been canned.

Reports from Asia have confirmed that the Alexander, which was supposed to be a high-end Windows Mobile phone with a slide out QWERTY keyboard and large touchscreen (fairly similar to the Palm Pre in design), is now not going to go on sale.

The A1300, also known as the Atilla, was supposed to be launching alongside the Alexander, and while it will still see the light of day, it's now going to be sent in reduced numbers.

Palm and Moto both fall foul

Apparently Compal, the manufacturer in charge of assembling the handsets, has been forced to wait for the next generation of Qualcomm chipsets, according to Digitimes. This is the same delay that has held back new Palm smartphones.

So despite apparently landing orders for the Alexander, it seems we won't be seeing the 8MP wonder in the shops any time soon.

Motorola's woes appear to be going from bad to worse, and until we begin to see the much-anticipated Android phones from the once great manufacturer, we'll constantly worry for the future of the company.

From Digitimes via KYM