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Apple posts iPhone guided tour

Apple UK has now posted guided tours of the iPhone's features on its website

If you haven't already worked yourself into a tizzy at the prospect of getting your hands on an iPhone on Friday, then check out the guided tour of the device posted at Apple's iPhone site.

The videos are essentially Anglicised versions of US promos which appeared a while ago - no matter. You won't be able to stop yourself watching them and again to soak up that lickable iPhone interface.

The Apple iPhone goes on sale at 6pm on Friday 9 November. To get one you'll have to hand over £269 to the person behind the counter at an Apple Store or Carphone Warehouse branch near you. You then have to sign up for an 18-month, £35 per month O2 contact via iTunes once you get the phone back home.

No-one said the iPhone was cheap, right?