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LG G Flex 2 will show off its curves at CES, apparently

LG G Flex
Flexible, yes - but useful?

When it launched, the LG G Flex's uniquely curved shape got a lot of people talking, but it's difficult to see it as much more than a gimmick right now.

However, sources "close to the matter" have told Android Authority that the G Flex 2 will show its face at CES and will be a "major upgrade" on the original.

It will, apparently, sport a high-resolution OLED screen and a smaller form factor. The Wolvering-esque self-healing coating is also said to be back and better than before.

This isn't the first time we've heard word of a Flex 2. The last time the phone was mentioned we were told to expect a "unique" new feature, but we're not sure if that's included in any of this new information. We hope not, because while this all sounds great, it's all stuff we'd expect.

Only time will tell if any of this is true, but considering that the first Flex launched outside of Korea at the start of this year, we'd say we're almost due an upgrade.