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LG Choco 2 gets BL42 sliding smaller sibling

The new LG BL42?
The new LG BL42?

New pictures have surfaced on the internet of the new LG Chocolate 2, and with it pictures of a new smaller version, the BL42.

The new phone has a lovely crimson slide out pad, with similar touch sensitive keys to the original LG Chocolate, so we assume the two are part of the same family.

Apart from the pictures, not a lot else has been mentioned about it. In fact, LG hasn't even alluded to it in the various releases on the subject (be they fact or fiction).

However, we do know it's an ultra slim little number and packs a keypad with 5MP camera (and a flash to boot).

Touch sensitive

There's some touch sensitive keys on the front for easy navigation (the OS we assume being similar to LG's S-Class), although it appears we've only got a paltry QVGA screen according to a Dutch site.

In related news, the LG Chocolate 2 has apparently passed through the FCC checks, which confirms it will run on European frequencies.

Couple that with the sheer amount of information on the subject, and you can't help but feel we're getting pretty close to some kind of launch.

Via Engadget and Boy Genius