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iPhone to get video editing and recording

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Well, if you want proper video editing, there's always Final Cut Pro...

There's already plenty of speculation about Apple adding video recording to the predicted new iPhone model some expect this year, but the latest notion doing the rounds is that it may spring a surprise by introducing video editing too.

Apple Insider says it has been told by a source that the video camera may appear on a premium iPhone model and that more than one new handset is in the works.

Trimming the fat

Wherever the video-recording function does appear, it seems likely that it will also come with simple editing tools that allow users to at least trim and discard parts of clips that they don't want.

The Apple fanboy site also says that the company will upgrade the iPhone's guts with better video-processing hardware to give it a boost as a gaming platform.

iPhone 3.0 will tell all

Although this is all just speculation, it does seem to fit with what we know about the new iPhone 3.0 software, such as the introduction of MMS capabilities. All should become clear when it arrives in the summer.