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iPhone to become 3D virtual reality goggles?

The iPhone: not just any old mobile, but a potential "3 dimensional window into another world”...

Design firm BOX FAB seems to have become a tad overexcited by the release of the iPhone SDK.

The company reportedly wants to transform the iPhone into a 3D virtual reality display. It proposes using a combination software hack and head-mounting system to – in its words – convert the iPhone screen “into a 3 dimensional window into another world”.

The designer says it'll be a: "A Virtual Reality display device which uses the iPhone as the viewing plate so that it becomes a wearable virtual headset simply by clipping on a special attachment.

"The device can network with other uses for shared virtual experiences and uses the tilt sensor of the iPhone plus a proprietary left-right tracker to provide a truly immersive experience.

"Special close-view depixelization flat optics turn the iPhone screen into a 3 dimensional window into another world. The under $200.00 design provides the functionality of devices costing thousands of dollars more."