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First Samsung Tizen handset breaks cover

First Samsung Tizen handset breaks cover
Reminds us a lot of Android

It looks like we've had the first glimpse of a handset running Samsung's new operating system, Tizen.

TechRadar reported back in January that Samsung was planning on merging its own Bada mobile OS with the open-source Tizen project.

The Linux-based Tizen operating system has been smartened up by Samsung, as the photo and video leak shows off some familiar looking icons including settings and internet browser.

Samsung Tizen handset

Credit: TizenTalk

Only at the prototype stage

The handset itself is just a prototype, with very few apps on display and it purely provides a bare-bones experience of the UI.

There's a pull down notifications bar with toggles for key functions and a task manager app which certainly makes us think of the Samsung's TouchWiz interface on Android.

What we do know is the demo handset is running a 1.2GHz dual-core ARM processor with a 4.3-inch HD (1024x720) display, suggesting the Tizen system will be able to support high-end mobile devices.

Take a look at the Handheld Blog's video walk-through of the handset below, which shows off the Tizen interface in action.

From TizenTalk via TheVerge