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iPhone 6S launch date may have just been picked by Apple


September is now just around the corner, the month when Apple usually announces its latest iPhone.

While Apple hasn't officially announced a date yet, a new report on BuzzFeed is citing 'sources familiar with Apple's plans' who say that the company will be holding a special event during the week beginning September 7.

Apple likes to hold its new iPhone launch events on Tuesdays, so that date would likely be September 8 this year.

The source also mentions that the announcement could be on Wednesday, September 9, as that's the date the iPhone 6 launch last year.

Mark your calendar?

Of course, this date cannot be confirmed yet, nor can we confirm yet what exactly Apple will have in store for us next month.

But, we do expect to see a new iPhone, most likely the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and possibly the iPhone 6C.

Apple may also show us some of its new iPads, and it will also likely be launching both the handsets and slates with the final iOS 9 build.

We've contacted Apple about this date, but we expect to be hearing about its official event date in the coming weeks.