New name? iPhone XS Max could be what we call the iPhone XS Plus

Make room for the massive iPhone XS Max, the new name for what everyone has been calling the larger iPhone XS Plus, according to a brand new leak.

It's said to have a giant 6.5-inch display, so the 'Max' moniker is fitting for what will be Apple's largest smartphone. It'll outsize the iPhone XS, which is said to maintain a familiar 5.8-inch screen.

The claimed switch from 'Plus' to 'Max' comes from 9to5mac, which tipped us off to the first official-looking iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max photo leak last week. 

Both the big iPhone XS Max and the normal-sized iPhone XS are reportedly ready to launch at Apple's event on Wednesday, September 12. We'll be there live.

Same specs as the iPhone XS?

The thinking is that the iPhone XS Max won't have vastly different specs than the iPhone XS, which would be an interesting change from the Plus smartphones.

They're both tipped to include Apple's faster A12 chipset and 4GB of RAM (up from the 3GB in the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus). Previously, the Plus-sized phone would have a superior camera (OIS was exclusive to iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus; and the dual-lens rear camera was exclusive to iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus).

The three smaller differences in your iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max decision making come down to the extra screen space, the bigger battery capacity (we assume this) and, in some countries, dual-SIM card support.