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iPhone to sync wirelessly?

ipod touch flat
Syncing with no PC in sight

Apparently the iPhone 2.0 firmware update won’t just allow your phone to access a raft of new features - it will also allow you to sync the device wirelessly.

Inside Leopard’s CoreBundle.Type package after the 10.5.3 update (thanks to Gizmodo for the tech specs) is the iPhone and iPod Touch nestled inside the Bonjour support folder.

The only devices listed in this space are those supported officially by the LAN protocol, so soon you could be able to have your tunes, pics and movies on your device as soon as you move within range.

Will wires still be best?

However, there’s very little info on how this will actually be deployed, so it may be connecting your phone or iPod to the computer will be a quicker way of syncing.

But if you’re the kind of person who has items constantly streaming into your PC, such as podcasts, this could be the ideal way to keep yourself always updated with your favourite content.

To view a picture of the drive folder, have a look at Gizmodo’s piece.