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The great MacBook Air battery con: 2 hours?

It looks nice, but Apple's MacBook Air may have some issues under the hood

The average battery life of the MacBook Air falls far short of the five hours promised during Steve Jobs' keynote address at Macworld.

That's according to owners of the notebook on the Apple support forums, who claim to be experiencing approximately two hours of battery life, with recharge times taking a ridiculous eight-to-ten hours.

Drains even when powered off

One person commenting on the forums claims to be on his "second MacBook Air and having the same issues as before - about two hours of battery life". Another says his "battery is draining when the MacBook Air is fully shut down (not just asleep) and unplugged".

Of course, most notebook manufacturers typically overshoot exactly how long batteries last by performing neat little tricks like turning wireless connectivity off or reducing screen brightness. But battery life is generally within 30 minutes of the advertised time.

If the MacBook Air is functioning properly and users are losing around three hours of the advertised battery life, Apple will be forced to deal with some major issues. TechRadar will continue to watch this closely and keep you up-to-date.