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Is this the Google Glass smartwatch?

Google's patents often seem very ambitious at the time they surface, but this latest one might not be too unbelievable now that Google Glass is finally here.

The device itself is explicitly titled "Smart-watch with user interface features" by the USPTO patent so there's no beating around the bush, but it's the extra little bits we're interested in.

For example, the watch, displayed in the accompanying illustration, also has two touchpads on either side of the display face. The patent says that you'll be able to use these to "pinch, stretch and scroll on a platform with limited space available for user input."

Watching the Glass

So what could this offer? Google Glass pairing seems an obvious one being hinted at, though the patent, which was filed in 2011, is careful to make no direct reference to Google's head-mounted tech.

But bringing the two together would be a no-brainer, offering an alternative to voice control for communicating with Glass.

Given what we've previously heard about Google's foray into the smartwatch domain, it sounded like Mountain View was separating its smartwatch and Google Glass development teams. But this new discovery makes a crossover seem more likely than ever.

Could Google's watch look something like this?

Via Engadget