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YouTube game sells PCs to man in the street

Toshiba PC
Toshiba is taking innovative steps to sell its laptops

As if advertising wasn't pervasive enough already, Toshiba has come up with a novel way to get us interested in buying its computers through playing giant public video games.

The Japan-only promo is currently running in downtown Tokyo's Akihabara district, where a huge video wall on the side of a building encourages passersby to dial in on their mobile phones to join the fun.

Spot prizes

Once logged in, they can control characters in a simple video game shown on the display, with prizes available on the spot for winners.

However, the twist lies in the fact that the Akihabara folk are actually playing against far-distant users of Toshiba's YouTube channel.

Ad-man wins

While there are no prizes for the PC users, they do get plenty of exposure to Toshiba advertising, so we're guessing that means everyone's a winner.

The game is still live, so – if you understand the Japanese – feel free to check it out.